The sureness of scriptures

Quadruple combination opened to the Book of Is...

John 20:9for as yet they did not understand the Scripture, that he must rise from the dead.

The scriptures cannot be broken (John 10:35), meaning they cannot be reversed. There is no condition strong enough to make them falter. The written word of God is the guideposts for your God-assured destiny. Tie your life to the sureness of scriptures. It represents the determinate will of God, the overruling design of God who says “my counsel shall stand; I will do all my pleasure (Isaiah 46:10).”

You need to realise from the scriptures and embrace the thoughts of God towards you which are for good and not evil (Jer 29:11). However, you need to read it first.

The promises of God to you are certain and insured; by the integrity of God himself which was shown when he raised Christ from the dead.

The text shows that the reason Christ was raised from the dead, (and that it could not have been otherwise) is because of the affirmation of scriptures. What have you seen that the bible, the word of God affirms about you in Christ, as you are of the spiritual lineage of Abraham through him? Agree with them and see the sureness of scripture play itself out in your life, in your relationship, in your health, in your pocket and in your potentials.

God’s promises are yea and Amen (2Cor 1:20). They are sure. If your issue is not as difficult as being raised from the dead without human aid or intervention, then it’s covered. Therefore you can rest, assured of the sureness of scriptures.

Question: Have you ever doubted the sureness of the scriptures?  Is it sometimes too good to be true? Tell us about it and the good at the end of it, if any.

Prayer activity: open my eyes to see your beautiful promises to me in you word, oh Lord.

Tomorrow’s topic: Jesus heals


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