The measure of your value

John 10:11: I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

The fact that Jesus died for you as a Shepherd shows you are of the highest value. People wait for parents, peers, pastors to value them. But they are not equipped to do that to full measure. They can’t give your full value because your value is more than they give. And even if they die for you, it would still fall short of your value.

You real value is shown in three ways: 1. what was given as exchange for you, 2. who is in you, 3.who guards you.

1. The value of a product is the amount of money exchanged for it. Because of your supreme value,the eternal God had to die to redeem you, buy you back. Satan‘s greatest catch was Adam (through whom he caught all) and God’s greatest sacrifice was Jesus through whom he caught back and is catching back throngs of people. What can be more valuable than the son of the Most High God?

By the death of Jesus, God certified that you are as valuable as Jesus, you are of equal worth. Is that unbelievable? If so, it only shows how humanity has degenerated since the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Before, they feel worthy enough to have a stroll with God in along the various paths in the Garden, but sin came in and not only did they become unworthy, but they also felt so. But in Christ our worthiness is restored because we now wear his righteousness (2Corinthians 5:21). The measure of love is the measure of what is given for love, and God gave his only begotten son for you. You can’t beat that; you can only embrace the fact.

2. Christ is in you and that also is a measure of you value (Colossians 1:27). Those who say Jesus is not God undervalues themselves. It is God, Jesus Christ that is in me, that means I have the greatest value that anyone can have.

An innocuous box may be the most valuable object in a mansion because of the weight of gold in it.

3. Your value is also in the security around you. In verse John 10:29, Jesus assures of your preciousness when he said it is the father himself who assures that you are not plucked away from his hand. No one is capable of touching you. The president of a nation commands arguably the best resources when it comes to security because to that country he is very valuable. To God you are very valuable and he trust no one with you security but himself. Permanently guaranteeing that you would not be lost, stolen or harmed, that you are preserved. You are so valuable nothing is allowed to shift you in your security in the love of God, which is unfailing over you.

Question: do you think the thoughts shared in this post are true?

Prayer activity: ask God to help you understand your value fully.

Tomorrow’s topic: death by proxy


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