A man called the Branch


Zechariah 6:12:  And say to him, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts, “Behold, the man whose name is the Branch: for he shall branch out from his place, and he shall build the temple of the LORD.” ‘

This is a revelation of God through Zechariah about the destiny of Jesus. The next verse (13) strongly supports that. The destiny upon Jesus was that he shall build the temple of the LORD, Just as David was told not to build the temple but Solomon his son would. The temple of the LORD is where he would dwell and his fullness would be expressed.

You are that house that Jesus is building (John 14:23), the church also is that house (Matthew 16:18). Paul said we are God’s building individually and collectively (1Corinthians 3: 9,16). It is the quality of the individual “houses” that determines the quality of the collective house.

Jesus is committed to building you, are you committed to being built? You may ask, “build into what?” You are being built into a house of God, a divine location where spiritual activities takes place. It is God’s foothold on the earth, his liaison office. When Jacob was running from Esau his brother on his way to his uncle,Laban’s house, he slept at a place where in a vision he saw angels going up and down along a ladder and that was the first time he would be hearing from God. On waking up he anointed the stone he was laying his head on and called the place the House of God (Genesis 28:10-18).

For New Testament correlates of this event, we see that you are the stone, a living stone (1Peter 2:5) and God has poured his oil on you, God’s anointing is on you (1John 2:27), His oil of separation, revelation and empowerment.

Just as the angels were moving up and down the ladder, spiritual things are going from you to heaven in prayer, praise, while grace is flowing to you from heaven. Do you get the picture?

Jesus called himself the ladder (John 1:51), the one who made your being called the house of God possible. He is the bridge between heaven and earth.  It is on the ladder of his righteousness that heaven meets earth in you, where you can ascend to heaven and descend to impact the earth with heavenly goods. It is on the ladder of his truth that the pathway to God is made clear, it is on the ladder of his grace that we can do the impossible. Truly this Branch is building the temple of the LORD!

Prophecy: you can also help in building my temple by being a tool of the branch. It’s not what you come up with, it’s the output of my design in you.

Question: What time would the building be completed?

Prayer activity: Lord, may I be free to be all I can be for you.

Tomorrow’s topic: How prayer moves God


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