Demanding for your right

Joshua 21:2:  And they said to them at Shiloh in the land of Canaan, “The LORD commanded through Moses that we be given cities to dwell in, along with their pasturelands for our livestock.”

While all the activities were going on with the division of the Promised Land among the tribes of Israel, after a season of conquest, the children of Levi spoke up concerning what God has promised them. In all likelihood, though it has been promised, it would have eluded them forever if they didn’t cry out in demand for their right. They did the wise thing: they demanded for what God said was theirs.

In your own case it is not enough to have great promises from God; you need to activate those promises by making demands in prayer. In the book of Psalm 119 (verses 41, 58. 76, 154, 169, 170), the writer made many demands from God basing his claim on the word, the promise, the character of God, saying, “do this and that for me Lord, according to your word.”

He turned the provisions of God for him in scriptures into prayer points. It is my heartfelt belief that if God says it and you believe it, you should pray about it, because whatever God said though as good as done in heaven but it was Jesus who said that we should pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10); because something may be the will of God and may not be done, thus the admonition of Jesus that we should pray that the will of God be done be executed on earth as God’s divine enforcers on earth.

God’s will was for Paul to do well in his ministry which was declared even at first time he met Christ (Acts 26:15-18). But in some of his writings he requested that not just individuals but whole churches be involved in executing the word of God for his life in the place of prayer (2Thessalonians 3:1, Ephesians 6:18-20, Philippians 1:19, 1Thessalonians 5:25).

The Will of God stated, is the legislative fulfilment, but there is need for the executive enforcement of it; and that is where prayer comes in. The will of God should be “prayed” into being, not left to lie fallow on heaven’s unused privileges shelves.

The tool of prayer has been given to men to translate their desires (which coincide with that of God) into reality. Complaining will not do it. Complaining or agreeing with Satan’s will as if it is the will of God are all signs of spiritual laziness that gets nothing done but relegate one to the backyard of positive achievements or happenings.

Every intelligent Christian knows that “ask and it shall be given to you (Matthew 7:7)” was not written in the bible for aesthetic purpose, but that God invites us to grapple, so to speak, with Him even on what is our right. Jesus said that much to his disciples in the parable of the widow and the uncaring Judge. He called demanding for your rights from God in prayer an act of faith (Luke 18:1-8).

Mentioned earlier are the matters of the legislature and executive in prayer; however, there is the judiciary who is the final arbiter between contending parties to enforce what should be executed. There is an enemy who seeks to oppose everything God, whether His word or His people. But the judge cannot act on behalf of a person, except she appears before him as a plaintiff and that place is in prayer: where you go before the Judge of all the earth (Genesis 18:25, Psalm 50:6, 75:7).

Daniel knew this firsthand (Daniel 10:1-13). After he asked God to help him understand something a satanic power in the air held the answer in form of Angel Gabriel back, showing that because it is the will of God does not mean it automatically happens. Why? That’s the way the world is presently designed. Satan will not just stand aloof seeing God have his way without attempting to “throw spanners” into the works. But that is where you and I come in, to activate the dimension of God that is the Judge in prayer, which for Daniel caused Angel Michael to be dispatched as the executor/enforcer of God’s will in the heavens, just as Christians are the enforcers on earth: both working in sync.

Yes, in a way, you are both a plaintiff and an enforcer, just as God is both the lawgiver and the Judge. You role is to know the word (Jesus Christ), to demand for your right before to God (the Father)  in prayer while the Holy Spirit, marshalling the angelic hosts enforces your right, while you are also the one enforcer on the earth in prayer (inspired by the Holy Spirit). (Can you see the Trinity in sync and your own roles?)

Your double role is as plaintiff and enforcer; Jesus is the Word (John 1:1), the revelation of God’s will and it is in His name we get anything (John 16:23), (He is also your advocate with the Judge [1John 2:1]). The Holy Spirit inspires us in prayer (Ephesians 6:18) and marshals the Host of Heaven, which can be deduced from the fact that, since the angels are “spirits (Hebrews 1:7)”, they work directly with the Holy “Spirit” the third person of the trinity.

In summary, the Will is made known by your God-given desire backed by the word of God; but the opposition to that Will (who benefits from the status quo) is the the devil and his cohorts. They seek to thwart that Will. You therefore have to demand for your right before the Judge.

There will be arguments from both sides: the enemy laying accusations which the blood of Jesus answers (Romans 8:33-34, Revelation 10:10-11); while you argue with the constitution, i.e. what was promised.

The children of Levi needed to know what was promised, to demand for it. Therefore what you know is very important. That should spur you on to demand for your rights in the place of prayer. Heaven is waiting; the Judge is waiting to hear your case.

Prophecy: Help always comes from above but you go there in prayer.


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