Pray for your city

Jeremiah 29: 7: But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.

What God is saying is that you have the power through your prayer to shape things in your city. You have a relationship with God that you can bring to bear in effecting change in your city. Actually, it’s a commandment for you, according to the focus verse, to pray for the city that God sends you to.

This implies that where you are living, the city of your abode is actually privileged to have you around. You have a special link with heaven that as you make use of when interceding for your city, for that place of your abode, the blessings of God are bound to fall bountifully.

Though, as the scriptures says, the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one (1John 5:19), God wants to have exceptions to that rule in your own spot on the earth, whereby through your intercessory prayer, you bring his power to bear on your vicinity.

However, this involves having a passion for God and for your city as well. You need to recognise that God has tied your destiny to that of you city, which is what is meant when the bible says in the peace of the city you shall have peace. In the prosperity of the city is your own prosperity.

From the context of the focus verse, you may not need to pray for yourself as much because by praying for your city you are praying for yourself also. Therefore we as Christians are not supposed to live in our spiritual cocoon. We are supposed to engage with our society in whatever capacity that we are in. Whatever the social orbit that we are in, that is an opportunity to feel the pulse of the community, so that we can pray targeted prayers that would turn the fortune of the community for good.

Nothing is beyond the purview of the power of God. What is needed is that you plug your city into the power of God to cause prosperity and peace to blossom there. This goes to show that what God wants is peace and abundance and you don’t need to wonder what the will of God is (Ephesians 5:17).

In your city, as with many others around the world, there may be a rising scourge of unemployment. We can all put the blame on government policies, but the responsibility also lies at your doorstep. That is what is implied by the call for you to pray for your city, to pray for your city, to pray for your nation. You a responsibility to discharge in the place of prayer

Maybe due to some reasons, you find yourself in another city different from where you are used to be. You may then start to suffer from a feeling of nostalgia that blinds you from seeing the will and purpose of God in your present situation, embracing it and taking your stand in the presence of God, for the manifestation of his peace and prosperity in it.

However there is another kind of prosperity which is spiritual prosperity. Don’t leave this to the pastors alone, there is responsibility placed on you as a child of God to ensure that the will of God gets done in your area.

You may not be the preaching type, but there is somewhere all of us can start from; we can all be the praying type (1Peter 4:7), regardless of you personality disposition, mental composition or social affiliation. You can release the spiritual virtue in you, release the power of God as it is written, you shall decree a thing and it will be done (Job 22:26-28).

Enough of underestimating yourself; never say to yourself: “this little me.” The power that created the heavens and the earth is resident in you. Begin to see a new you based to the focus verse: God has predicated His intervention on the earth, on your intercession.

You may not be a businessman, but you have spiritual investment to make in your city in the place of prayer. Paul describes what prayer does; he says it releases the supply of the Spirit of God (Philippians 1:19). There are inadequacies that you see around, things are not quite right, but there is a supply of the Spirit of God, there is something from heaven that in prayer you open the door to (Matthew 6:9-10).

God always gives priority to the prayer of his children; he has a soft spot for them describing us as the apple of his eyes (Zechariah 2:8). That is why He promises to always give a listening ear to you when you call on Him (Luke 11:9-13). The time you use to complain when translated into prayer would make all the difference in the world and to your world also.

You should be sensitive to the goings-on in your city. Even though Paul was spending just a few days in Athens (Acts 17:16-34) at a place, the spiritual blindness and decadence that he saw around unsettled him and he did something about it.

You may not go to the town square and speak to the thinkers of the city as Paul did, but you can speak to God concerning change both spiritually and socio-economically and he would definitely show himself strong (2Chronicles 16:7-9).

When showing prayer concern, you cannot be motivated by self glory, or else you will not do anything. There has to be selflessness in you, a desire to seek God in the secret with the sure reward coming openly (Matthew 6:5-6).

The focus verse is for you to see your city from the eyes of God. There is always something lacking in it. Even if things are going on well, the sustenance of such still needs to be done through prayer. God has planted you in that part of the world for a purpose, don’t be part of the problem but a solution.

WordFromGod: You are waiting for me to move, I am waiting for you to pray.



2 thoughts on “Pray for your city

  1. When thinking about intercessory prayer don’t forget to pay attention to I Co 14 and pray with tongues as well as praying with your understanding. Your understanding of what you need to pray for on behalf of your city may be limited but when God gives you the utterance you can be confident that it all gets covered. For further information on tongues see my blog I reposted my earlier article on why you should have tongues as a part of your private prayer life. Selah.


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