God’s battle axe

Jeremiah 51:20: Thou art my battle-axe and weapons of war: and with thee will I break in pieces the nations; and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;

When you begin to see yourself as a tool of God, then you would have succeeded in moving away from me-consciousness to God-consciousness. The first things that Paul asked the resurrected Jesus (Acts 22:7-10) were (a) who are you Lord? And (b) what would you have me do? Those two questions must constantly resound on your journey with God as you pursue to know who he is, to be constantly refreshed in the revelation of himself to you and to have a more accurate understanding on your usefulness to him.

The fact that Jesus is alive in you should tell you that there are certain ways he wants to flow through you to others. Don’t have the mind-set of a lake but a river, that is, you are channel of the grace of God to others (1Peter 4:10-11), in whatever forms that God has designed you to be.

Everyone needs to be affirmed: that is what is coming across in the focus verse, where God is establishing the destiny of a group of people as being His battle axe, in the cutting edge of God’s operations. Understanding this is about you helps you to have a sense of usefulness in the kingdom of God.

You are very important in the divine scheme of things. Get that into your psyche. The ultimate find is to find your place in the body of Christ and pursue increasing the expression in it.

Those were the thoughts that Paul wanted to share with the Romans telling them to serve based on the deposit of God’s grace in them (Romans 12:3-8). Don’t worry if you can’t put a definite finger on what that mean this time, but you must never buy into the bench-warming spirit, only doing so much to get by in the church. You were never told you are to set out to please men but God (Galatians 1:10). There is constancy in God that as you refer to his word, as you lean on the everlasting arm (Isaiah 26:4); you will have renewed strength (Isaiah 40:28-31).

Don’t say of what use does God have for me? What significant thing could I contribute? If a man uses words like that it reflects a bondage to the past. Again and again we are called to walk with God, run the race that is set before us; all which have the idea of progress. Therefore you are called to leave the past, even what just happened yesterday, whether nice or not, to step into a new place with God.

Never worry about what to do to work for God, only see yourself as a vessel of honour, see yourself as a reflection of the light of Christ as a moon having no light of your own. The moon would really be foolish to worry about producing light. When you see the light from the sun, the sun is not seen, and it seems to the naive that the moon produced luminosity on its own. Not true; it only reflects the light of the Sun.

Jesus is the sun of righteousness (Malachi 4:2), the unfailing source of divine energy; the unlimited source of blessing. That you are his battle axe sells the idea that you don’t direct yourself. Stop this over-involvement with your limitations that has you to become handicapped.
Jesus Christ says that as his father sent him so he is sending us (John 20:21). See yourself in that light, just as he is the light, your light, and the light that you are called to reflect. You are the extension of his ministry; you bear his impact on this earth.

I hope that you don’t think that not being an “ordained pastor” makes these words inapplicable to you. The sacrifice that Jesus made over you was too great to have you put on a spiritual shelve, left there merely to occupy space.

Or you judge yourself as not being holy enough. Let’s get the record straight: if you are a sin practitioner, you are not a child of God; you are not born again regardless of the illusion under which you are living (1John 3:9-10).

However, if that is not the case for you, but (1) you’ve been told that you are good for nothing and that has been a factor in your self-perception that has hindered your blossoming in the service of God. Or (2) you have a nagging feeling of guilt from a sin you have repented of but like a bug in the software of your heart, you don’t seem to know how to go around it, it seems your system has become hanged on that point.

For the first set of people, the question is, whose report would you believe (Isaiah 53:1)? Is it the one which say that you are his battle axe or those who say you are merely a door mat? Whose report would you believe? That of a man whose breath is in his nostrils (Isaiah 2:22) or the one who is the God of the spirits of all flesh (Numbers 27:16)?

Speak like Elihu who said the spirit of the Lord has formed me, the breath of the almighty gives me understanding as a confessional statement (Job 32:8, 33:4). Like God told Jeremiah, God is telling you not to say he is a youth etc. Stop looking for what would disqualify you; God has qualified you. Allow yourself to be willing, as it is written that in the day of the power of Jesus, his people shall be willing to extend the divine authority over the earth (Psalm 110: 1-3).

You are not called to be an appendix or a mere appendage, you are to help to move forward the plans and purposes of Christ on the earth.

The second group of people are those who feel they are disqualified by a moral lapse in the past. Know this; you are not called to build your house on your feeling but on the word of God (Matthew 7:24-27). What the word says is that when you ask for forgiveness, your sins are cleansed (1John 1:9, 2:1-2); believe the word of God and not your feeling, and your feeling will soon follow suit.

Through the focus verse, God is saying you are important to him; you are part of his agenda on earth. He has chosen you to be his battle axe.

WordFromGod: the harvest is plenteous, the labourers are few.


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