Walking in the way of good men

Beautiful-Nature-Wallpaper-random-32603809-1024-768Proverbs 2:20: So you will walk in the way of the good and keep to the paths of the righteous.

It is practical wisdom to seek for those who have done well and attempt to copy them and also note those who were erroneous in their undertaken to avoid making the same mistakes. The children of Israel who perished in the wilderness due to unbelief is used by both the writer of the book of Hebrews and Paul apostle, as an example of who not to follow (1Corinthians 10:1-12, Hebrews 4:1-3).

Paul said that a certain church should follow him as he follows Christ. Kings in Israel and Judah are measured by the way the followed the example of David or not. David was a good man, an example of a successful man who followed the ways of God and served God well.

Talking to Timothy, Paul said he has known his motivation, his teaching, his passion, and he was supposed to learn from all of that and also be an example to the believers (1Timothy 4:2). He was also to follow the pattern of sound doctrine that he has laid down, and not only that but he was supposed to teach others also (2Timothy 2:1-2).

One of the reasons God decided to call himself the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is because they walked with God and there are lessons to learn from their lives.

Jesus is our ultimate example. Paul wrote to the Philippians that they should have the same mind that Jesus has (Philippians 2:5); while in the book of Hebrews we read: look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:1-2). We should set our gaze on him inwardly so that we can learn of him and be like Him.

Jesus himself said that we should learn of him (Matthew 11:28-30). While God was admonishing the people of Israel about good behaviour, he said they should look unto Abraham their father and to Sarah who bore them (Isaiah 51:1-2). They should mark their lives and take hold of the example of faith, patience and commitment to God that they represent.

For the married woman, Peter said that they should look at Sarah’s example of respect for the husband (1Peter 3:1-6). Paul’s writing, said that the older women should teach the younger ones how to love their husbands and take care of their children (Titus 2:1-5). That is the whole idea of mentorship.

Paul was Timothy’s mentor.  He started as one of his associates while a young person. And the bible says that he that associates with the wise will be wise (Proverbs 13:20).

Jesus mentored 12 people for over three years. There was a time Jesus was the only one casting out devils, healing the sick. After he laid the example, he could trust that his disciples would do the same and he was right.

The bible says that we should follow those who through faith and patience obtained the promises (Hebrews 6:12). Also Peter affirmed that spiritual leadership of the church is meant to serve as examples to the flock (1Peter 5:3). A shepherd leads and serves as example to the flock. That is why the people who are in leadership should not be spiritual neophytes (1Timothy 3:6).

Paul said to the Thessalonian church that the reasons he worked is so that he might lay an example for them (2Thessalonians 3:6-12). Paul wanted the people to follow him as he follows Christ (1Corinthians 11:1). We cannot see Christ but we can see godly examples around us. Instead of being full of excuses, of why our own situation is more difficult, we should believe that the grace of God that was available for them is sufficient for us too.

Elisha had a relationship with Elijah in which he was committed to following him, learning from him and eventually he got the double portion of the anointing. The total number of miracles performed by Elisha was roughly twice that of Elijah. That is the power of walking in the footsteps of good men.

Joseph and Daniel stand as example of how to behave in high pressure situations. Joseph was in a foreign nation but he had enough sense to see that no pressure is sufficient to move us away from being faithful to God (Hebrews 12:4).

Also, Daniel in a strange land refused to blend in with things happening and disobey the God of Israel.  Both Joseph and Daniel were examples of the power of being faithful to God in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.

We can’t just say that since “everyone” is doing it, it means that is the order of things. God hold us to a higher standard than that. He has put people along your path that would be positive examples to us and if none, then we need to see Jesus, that was why in the book of Hebrews, we see that we should look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:1-2).

Jesus asked Peter and his brother to follow him (Matthew 4:18-20). He did not tell them to follow him because he had lessons to teach, rather he has his way of life, his example to show them.

However, God has also designed that not only should you follow godly examples but also that you should be one too. You are not to stay a baby, but become an example of faith. You don’t want to be relegated to the dustbin of history. God has greater plans for you than just to be taking in spiritual milk all your life. You can be the new Joseph of this generation.

God would want to take you beyond where you are to be the example he wants you to be: to be a divine showcase. To pull you away from the corner of the earth that you are and make you indeed a city set on a hill that cannot be hid.

You are the good man that God wants people walk after. Drop your smallness mentality, you are about to be thrust into the midst of “big” spiritual things.

As the new phase begins for you, get ready to blaze the trail that you have not trodden before, get ready to be changed beyond your wildest dream. You are not called to chicken put, you are called to boldly advance (Hebrews 10:38-39).

Watch as long dead dreams are brought alive in you, thoughts long buried, possibilities once covered, become dusted up. There is a new wheel coming to your drive, there is a new engine, the engine of grace and you will run and not grow weary and you will mount on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:28-31).

Today your name has been changed to change. You will become an identity of the change the Lord wants to bring to the earth. Enough of being time and geography bound, the Lord is going to bring wings to your dreams, not “your” dreams but the dreams he has implanted into you.

You have been pulled from the pit before; now it is time for you to start to pull people from the pit.  God is right now positioning you to give liberation to many. Soon it would not be, “Lord lift my burden” which would be your cry, but the Lord would use you to lift burdens of the people. The opposition to your progress are about to vanish like a smoke; the angel of the Lord will chase them (Psalm 68:1-2, Psalm 35:1-6).

The time of struggle is over; the time of plenty has come. Since you have been faithful in lack, God will be pouring his abundance on you. It is your season of stability. You are the foundations of the new thing God is doing on the earth; you and a company of people who have been handpicked by the Lord to bear the coming glory to your generation.

You are the change that you are crying for. Prophesy to the winds and you will see the dry bones become a mighty army (Ezekiel 37:1-14).



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