My Father’s House

300px-BachalpseeflowersLuke 2:49: And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?

Jesus’ father and mother went into Jerusalem for a feast and they inadvertently left Him there, thinking He was with them. It was afterwards that they realise he was not. On getting back to him, they found him discussing and asking questions from the big men in the temple to their surprise. When they complained that he had caused them no little trouble, in the time and effort they had spent looking for him, he said that they are ought to realise that he would be about his Father’s business (Luke 2:41-52).

Another time, about two decades later, the temple felt the presence of Jesus again but now he was not sitting down discussing. He made a whip with which he beat off those money changers in the temple. Here he also mentioned his Father. He said to the people in the temple, that they should not turn his Father’s house into a den of robbers; declaring that it is the will of God that his house be the house of prayer for all nations (John 2:12-17, Luke 19:46).

From the forgoing we can learn that his Father’s house, what carries the identity of God, being the temple in those days are for certain things and nor for certain things. The house of God at this time (post Christ’s resurrection) is not a physical structure, it is a spiritual temple, which the church (a spiritual house) (1Peter 2:5) collectively and Christians (spiritual house) individually (1Corinthians 2:16-17); with Jesus as the ultimate house of God (John 2:19-22) inclusive of the above two. We are individually members of the body (Romans 12:4-5) and collectively, the church is the body and he is the head (Ephesians 5:23).

My father’s house is a learning institution

Just as Jesus went to the temple which was the house of God then to learn, that mean it is a learning institution. The standard is for every believer to be a giant in spiritual understanding. It is against the will of God to continue to be babes, immature (Hebrews 5:11-14).

The church should be a massive teaching institution. Paul wrote Timothy that the things he had taught him, he should teach faithful men who will be able to teach others (2Timothy 2:1-2). If your church is involved in a massive teaching regime, systematic teaching, then it is performing its function as a big learning institution.

People from across the nation, according to prophecy would find that aspect of the church compelling (Isaiah 2:1-3). It draws and holds people. Miracles can draw people, but it is the true teaching of the word that can hold them, make them become firm in faith.

As their minds are engaged in the word of God, transformation is the result through the Holy Spirit that operates through the word. Jesus Christ says that the words that he speaks are Spirit and life (John 6:63). The people will come because of the living water that is flowing in the church to give life to the deadness they feel around and within them.

Remember that Jesus says that out of our bellies shall flow rivers of the living waters, which is the result of the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit (John 7:37-39). The biblical instructions are means for the water of Holy Spirit’s impartation to flow into lives; the word is the channel.

Being with Jesus for his disciples was an unending series of instructions though verbal communication and various examples. While Jesus was leaving the earth, he gave the would-be leaders of the church the assignment of going all the way to make disciples through a regime of instructions (Matthew 28:18-20).

In the beginning of the church, it was made clear in the book of Acts, that the apostles were in the habit of going from house to house teaching the people (Acts 2:41-41). The converts continued in the apostles’ teaching and doctrine, which is an integral part of their fellowship regime.

My Father’s House is a house of Prayer

From the story of Jesus flogging the money changers from the temple, we can conclude that the house of God is a house of prayer for all nations. If there is any kind of training too that the church is involved in putting the people through, it is for them to become a big prayer company. If it is not a praying church, it is not the right church.

Jesus modeled a pray life for his disciples (Luke 11:1, 18:1). And payer was a permanent fixture of the life of the early church. Paul wrote that we should prayer without ceasing (1Thessalonians 5:17). He also gave Timothy an injunction that prayer should be a priority of the church life (1Timothy 2:1-4).

The prayer life is not only about what happens in the public. It also has to do with what happens privately in our individual lives. Jesus said that there is a special reward for those who make a habit of spending time in the place of prayer privately (Matthew 6:5-6).

The dynamics of Prayer and Word

When a new believer is helped to become grounded in the life of prayer and study of the word, a good foundation is built in that person for a lifetime of a walk with God.

In prayer you communicated to God and in the word he communicates to you.

That back and forth is a basic in spiritual dynamics of the house of God: something going up to God in prayer and coming from him in his word; our life is composed that spiritual back and forth. That is vital spiritual connection.

How am I sure?

There was a house of God that Jacob stumbled upon. While he was in transition between his father’s house and the house of his mother, he alighted on the house of God in a dream (Genesis 28:10-32). That location according to him was marked by a back and forth of angelic activities/movement between heaven (the throne of God) and earth (the place of man). There were angelic personages going up and down a ladder that reaches to heaven.

And in the book of John, Nathaniel was told by Jesus that he was going to see heaven opened and angels going up and down on him, the Son of man, Jesus (John 1:43-51).

Realise that he is the House of God and he is the ladder. In his name we pray to God on earth, and it gets God’s attention in heaven, and as the Word he comes to us; maintaining the divine flow.


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