Making requests of God

4201786_f2602Samuel 14:22: And Joab fell to the ground on his face, and did obeisance, and blessed the king: and Joab said, To-day thy servant knoweth that I have found favor in thy sight, my lord, O king, in that the king hath performed the request of his servant.

Here Joab in an indirect way had made a request from David, which he granted (2Samuel 14:1-23). But with God we can approach him directly as sons to make our request known to him. We are qualified by Christ to enter into the very presence of God any time of our choosing (Hebrews 4:14-16). There is no ritual involved, the only ritual demanded was the shedding of the blood of Jesus, and that has been done.

Jesus said that if we who are evil know how to give good things to our children, how much more will our heavenly father give good gifts to us, his children (Matthew 7:7-11)? Paul said that instead of worrying we should make our request known to God, with prayer, thanksgiving and supplication (Philippians 4:6).

Jesus said that if we ask and we would be given, if we seek and we would find and when we knock, the door will be opened to us. Jesus had said that whatever he asked in his name he will do it (John 14:14, 15:16, 16:23). There are piles and piles of references in the bible to conclude that making request of God is as easy as ABC except for sin.

God said through Isaiah that his hands are not too heavy that he cannot save but the sins of the people have made a separation between himself and them (Isaiah 59:1-9).

Another problem is doubt, with James saying that if any lacks wisdom, he should come to the father and ask him for it, and without fail such would be downloaded from God; but such a person must not doubt or else, he will receive nothing from God (James 1:5-8).

That was a lesson that Jesus taught a man who brought his son to him for healing (Mark 9:14-29). He said if Jesus can do anything he should help him. Jesus however told him that not expressing total faith means he will not get what he wants. If faith is not in place, delivering the miracle in doubtful; desires gets frustrated with lack of faith.

Request made to God must come with the envelope of faith unless it would not be attended to in the mail room of heaven. Trust must go forth, the recognition that God is true to his word. Faith shows that you have an ongoing relationship with God. And God focuses on those he has an ongoing relationship with.

Faith was what the devil attacked in the Garden of Eden. He set them (Adam and Eve) up to distrust the word of God, to act based on his own word (Genesis 3:1-10). The result was fear and they hid themselves from God.  But in Christ we have the right to draw near the throne of grace and find grace to help in times of needs.  We draw near in full assurance of faith and made our request. Like Jesus, we are assured that God always hears us (John 11:41-43), and that we have the request that we make of him (1John 5:13-15).

Jesus said that we should have the faith of God and when we pray for something, we should believe we have receive it and then we will have it indeed (Mark 11:22-24).

Jabez had been faced with negative experiences because of the circumstance of his birth (1Chronicles 4:9-10). His mother called him sorrow (she had a painful labour), and that shadowed his life ever since, no matter what he did. He sensed that something was wrong somewhere.

But he was not going to resign to that “fate”. He saw God as the one with the limitless reach, who can reach back to the time of his birth and take care of whatever issue that went wrong then. He asked that God will expand his coast, bless him indeed, and that he would no longer cause pain. And God gave him his requests. That act of making requests of God so marked his life that it was recorded in the bible.

Hannah made a request from God and she was given Samuel (1Samuel 1:1-17). All her cries prior to that did not move God. Her request backed with a vow did the “magic”. And David was in the habit of making request of God for the course of action to take.

Isaiah had a request. He said he wants God to rend the heavens and come down, so that the mountains might flow in his presence (Isaiah 64:1-4). He wants an extraordinary experience with God; not content with his mundane experience.

God sent the same Isaiah to King Hezekiah that he should put his house in order because he would soon die, but the king refused to accept that verdict even if it was from God; but he brought to God his strong reasons and God decided to extend his life by 15 years (Isaiah 38:1-9).

But it is not every request that God grants. After Abraham was told by God when Ishmael was well over 10 years of age, that Sarah, his ridiculously old wife, will be pregnant, the status quo will be broken, and she would give birth to a child. He said that God should not border doing that miracle (Genesis 17:15-21), but God was set to do it and he did.

After Moses sinned against God through disobedience and God said that he would not see the Promised Land, he wanted God to change his mind but He would not (Deuteronomy 3:23-26).

After David committed adultery with Bathsheba and she gave birth to child as a result of that affair, as punishment, God said that child will die, but David embarked on seven days of prayer and fasting, requesting that God would change his mind, but to no avail (2Samuel 12:14-23).

Jesus the Son of God also made a request from God that was not granted. God turned a blind eye to his request for your sake and mine (Mark 14:35-36). Jesus while nearing the cross was already feeling the pain of it in his “bones”, and he said he wants that the cup of punishment that he was to drink from the hand of God to pass from him. He went to the cross after his request was turned down; he went their bearing our sin, so that we will be able to receive salvation through his sacrifice.


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