The Lord is my helper

3953086408_8c6b43f81dHebrews 13:6: So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.

In what area do you think you need help? The Lord wants to help you. You should have realised by now that you can’t run your life all by yourself.

David had a special recognition of the Lord being his helper. It was surely his words that the writer of the book of Hebrews referenced in the focus verse (Psalm 118:6, 56:4, 11). He sought God at every turn. And he received help from him. God called David a man after his own heart (Acts 13:22, 1Samuel 13:14).

It is the heart of God to reach out in his help to humanity. David understood that. It was in that sense that he moved to confront Goliath. He said that the Lord who helped with to kill the Lion and the bear will, give Goliath to his hands (1Samuel 17:33-51).

The ultimate help God can give humanity is the giving of his Son for the salvation of the world. What the devil wants is for us to feel abandoned, but in all situations we should be able to say: the Lord is my helper. When Jesus was nearing the experience of the cross he said that the disciples will be scattered from him (John 16:32), but he added that he still would not be alone because is not alone because the father is with him. He had a continued sense of the father being actively on his side.

When Jesus was before the grave of Lazarus and He wanted to raise him up (John 11:38-45), he made a public prayer acknowledging the fact that the Father always hears Him. With that, He has His help 24/7.

The manifest presence of God was with the children of Israel for a period of forty years in the wilderness. We see God helping the children of Israel with provision throughout their stay in there. There was the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night, there was daily manna from heaven and there was water from a rock. He got them out of Egypt and he was going to get them into the Promised Land no matter what. He sustained them. The Lord will not do less for you. He will sustain you.

They experienced spiritual cover. Their clothes did not wear out, and their feet did not swell from walking miles upon miles in the wilderness.

They enjoyed divine protection from all harm. Psalm 91 is a psalm of protection. There the psalmist says that he who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. To dwell in the secret place of the almighty means you actively seek his help. God’s help does not just fall on our laps, it is sought. We seek God’s help when we priotise our relationship with Him above all.

The help of the Lord does not just come in protection it also come in performance, as the experience of the Apostles showed.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit made so much difference in the life of the apostles that they were able to speak very boldly standing before the religious hierarchy of their day, witnessing of Christ (Acts 4:13). In whatever spiritual assignment that you have you must have it fixed in your mind that they Lord is your helper. Faithful is the one who called you, who will also do it (1Timothy 5:21); he is the one who works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure (Philippians 2:13).

Paul and Barnabas were sent out by the church at the instance of the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:1-5), with resounding success all around, breaking new ground for the gospel.

The Lord also helps you with provision. In what has been called the Lord’s Prayer, one of the lines, Jesus said that we should tell God: give us this day our daily bread (Matthew 6:9-11). There are examples of supernatural provision scattered throughout the bible.

In the ministry of Elisha, one woman, a widow was about to have her two sons taken away from her as payment for the debt their dead father, her late husband owed (2Kings 4:1-7). Elisha asked what the woman has at home; she said, “Nothing, only a jar of oil.” That almost insignificant thing was starting point of her miracle.

Elisha asked her to borrow a lot of vessels and start pouring the oil into them. Through obedience she received help for provision.

From the focus verse, boldness is the result of having the Lord as your helper. That was why Paul told Timothy that he should not be timid because God is his helper with the Spirit of love, power and sound mind (2Timothy 1:6-7).

Gideon received help from God to be a mighty man of valour (Judges 6-7). Samson received help from God as a strong man and deliverer in Israel (Judges 13-16). He was possessed with supernatural ability that made him impregnable until he was betrayed by a woman. But when he asked for the restoration of his strength he was able to deliver a significant final blow to the enemies of Israel before he died.

Samson was not just helped by God, he was packaged from heaven as a help to Israel. As a Nazarene, separated to God from the womb, he was designed to be a deliverer for Israel. That is the mind of God concerning you. You are not just a recipient of his help but that you become the help that he sends to this earth. You are meant to be a deliverer, saviour.

That was the texture of the prophetic word from Obadiah that saviours shall be raised from mount Zion who will judge the mountain of Esau (Obadiah 1:21). The destiny of Zion, the church (Hebrews 12:22-24), is to get people raised as deliverers, saviours, helpers.

The bible says that the whole creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:18-22). Sonship means full maturity, full expression of the person of Christ. Christ came as a helper sent to his generation. Peter said that Jesus was baptised with the Holy Spirit and power (Acts 10:38), and went about doing “good” and healing those who are oppressed by the devil.  And the point of Jesus being in you is for you to manifest who He is as helper on this earth, so that people will experience the Lord as helper through you.


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