Salvation of God

rain-by-antanas-sakalauskasActs 28:28: Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it.

There is only one true God. All others are demons, pure and simple. Paul said that sacrifice made to idols is actually made to demons (1Corinthians 10:20).

These demons may express a measure of power, but Jesus Christ says that he has given his children power to tread upon snakes and scorpions and over all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm us (Luke 10:19).

What I am driving at is that there are other claims to having salvation which are not through Jesus Christ alone. Everyone else can have intellectualism (1Corinthians 1:17-31), they can have rituals, there can have a form of godliness (2Timothy 3:5), but except they come to God through accepting the sacrifice of Jesus, they are damned.  And some people would rather do anything than come to Jesus that they may have life (John 5:39-40).

The life that we have in Christ is a gift. It is there in the words of John 3:16 that the only solution to not perishing is to have eternal life and the only way to have eternal life is to believe in Jesus.  He is the door, there is not coming into life except through him.

In the Garden of Eden there were only two trees that stand for only two possible decisions we can make: life and death (Genesis 2:15-18). Though we don’t have such trees now, the number of possible options is still the same, i.e. the options with ultimate consequence for eternity.

There are two eternal destinations. One is through a narrow road the other is the wide road (Matthew 7:13-14). The latter is the road of inclusiveness. It is the road that says there are many ways that lead to God or there is no God. It says the different religions are all saying the same things. Some conclude that the monotheistic religions are the most evolved from anthropological considerations. They make it seem as if all of them are the same.

But there is only one truth and that is Jesus Christ (John 14:6). The devil has taken his time over the years to place things over men’s eyes, confuse the facts and pile things over the real knowledge of God, designing his own ways to hell, especially in our time.

Even the scientists studying nature who should easily recognise God (as the only logical explanation for the complexities the observe) are the ones pushing back the most from him, the ones messing up young people’s mind confusing them about the truth of God.

The bible says the creation itself declares the work of God (Psalm 19:1-6, Romans 1:18-22); that what is to be known by God are outlined in nature. Since they are his handiwork, they show the greatness of his mind. It is obvious that there is a great designing mind behind all that we can see, all that we are.

The ultimate scientific exploration is to understand what God understands about his creation, that will obviously take eternity but that adds to the excitement, which is the best frame of mind a scientist can have. It is not the study of nature for nature’s sake; it should be the study of nature for God’s sake and under God’s grace. You cannot have a better motivation than that; that is eternal motivation.

The ultimate motivation for technological invention is to be God’s copy cat, to output his creative genius, since you are made in his image. The devil would want you to think that to pursue full scientific excellence and to be a creative genius, there should not be God in your thought.

But the way of God is that both technological advancement and the scientific research are to be forms of worship for a heart that is yielded to God. The scientist should seek to observe with the eyes of God, and understand with his mind, while the technologists, inventors should seek to create with his hand and sees possibilities with his mind.

In that case, they won’t wait to get to heaven to fully come into their powers of scientific discoveries and technological invention, since God can teach them in his house (heaven) all manner of tricks and stuffs.

What about the artist, the sculptor, the jeweler, the painter, musical genius, the songwriter, the playwright, the actor, the instrumentalist, the vocalist? These people create stuffs in the abstract sense. They create things that never existed. While the scientist explores what is, the technologists manipulate what is, these artists create what never was. Isn’t that the turf of God?

Since God is the original creator and not the devil, it means the fullness of the expressions of these gifts should be seen in relation with the creator, and father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Those who create objects of beauty should not see themselves as needing to reject the truth of God to do that, the beauty objects are God’s creation, the colours are all his, the gems are all his.

The sportsmen and women and those whose daily engagements have to do with all kinds of physicality should be proud to be called Christians, because the natural engagement of their saviour, while on earth, was carpentry, a manual engagement that involves the application of certain skills. It doesn’t make you less a follower of God before you are not behind a pulpit somewhere, because Jesus is not less a Son of God even as a carpenter (Mark 6:3).

Whatever your estate in life, your interest, your legitimate preferences (not sinful preferences); nothing disqualifies you from embracing the salvation that is in Christ Jesus. It will not repress you, it enhances you, because all these positions and situations and gifts are not antichrist, anti-God.

Salvation causes you to express God through your various undertakings. Real purpose for all lives is found in Christ, because in the end, it is being found in him that matters. The word of God says that everything will be shaken, so that it is what is rooted in Christ that will stand (Hebrews 12:25-29).

Not only that, our works will be tried with fire whether they are of God or not (1Corinthians 3:13-20). Being of God is what salvation delivers into your hand. Don’t be deceived, Jesus Christ said anyone who is not gathering with him scatters (Matthew 12:30). Meaning that it doesn’t matters how it looks, it doesn’t matter your philanthropy, your seeming piety, your arguments against Christianity, everything done outside of Christ is a waste. You don’t want to miss out on salvation because of the hang-up you have against Christians or against Christianity. No excuse is tenable. God did not entertain any excuse from himself before causing Christ to leave heaven to come to the earth, before allowing his Son to bear the indescribable pain on the cross, involving His spirit, soul and body.


His spirit was tormented because of being cut from God the fathers of spirits (Hebrews 12:9), while he had been in unbroken communication with God from eternity past. The sin of humanity that he was bearing made God turn his eyes away from his son. That was the expressed of death in his spirit.


He was distressed in his soul and such he communicated that to the disciples at the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:33-36). He said his soul was sorrowful unto death. He was experiencing death, intense sorrow in his soul. It had so much weight on his soul that it was breaking him apart; with blood coming out of his sweat pores.


His body experienced death for a period of three days before the resurrection morning (John 20), completing the salvation work for mankind.

Christ went through all that not for the fun of it, it was for salvation. Don’t count yourself out of the salvation of God unnecessarily, and for whatever reason that you may come up with; because all who call upon the Lord will be saved (Romans 10:13), without exception and regardless of whatever baggage: intellectual, spiritual or physical, you are coming with.

2 thoughts on “Salvation of God

  1. The Truth and nothing but the Truth. Indeed, no one would have a single excuse when He arrives. Thanks for sharing the gospel with such great passion and fearless confidence.


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