‘Your loving-kindness is better than life’

people-238395_640Psalm 63:3: Because thy loving-kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

David said that he’ll rather spend time in the presence of God than anywhere else (Psalm 84:10). Because every nerve, cell, gene in us is designed to respond to God, to his love. That is why, when man chose to remove himself from the reach of the love of God in disobedience (Genesis 3), his body began to fall apart with sicknesses and diseases. Everything you can imagine can and has gone wrong with the body.

Healing through Christ is a manifestation of the love of God, as Christ is the embodiment of who God is (Hebrews 1:1-3) and God is love (1John 4:8). When we come back to the cover of his love, in repentance and believing the gospel, we get to experience healing.

David said: bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits, healing all your sicknesses, forgiving your sins and delivering you from destruction (Psalm 103:1-5). These are expressions of his love.

When the devil shifted Eve’s views from seeing God as loving, he could motivate her into disobedience and she influenced Adam her husband in the same direction. If you think God does not care about you, it gives you the license to not care about his commandments.

After their sin, Eve and her husband started feeling fear towards God. Their previous relationship of God with them was not based on fear but love, because perfect love casts out fear (), fear has torment and sickness is tormenting, to say the least. Understanding God as love should be the cornerstone of the most perfect understanding of God that you can have. To not know him as love means we would not express him as he is, we might express a lesser version of him, easily distracted from truly following him.

The love of God is the best motivation we can have. Paul said: the love of God compels us (2Corinthians 5:14); the love of God has been poured on our hearts (Romans 5:5).

But Eve walked away from God once she did not see herself as an object of the love of God, as persuaded by the devil. She imagined that she could somehow be independent of him but in the process she found herself in a spiritual wilderness. They (Adam and Eve) rejected the love of God which should guide them in the right path, and were guided by fear to run away from God. They put themselves into a deep pit, refusing to walk on the sure ground of the love of God, they stopped feeding on his faithfulness and they died.

When they had children there was a dearth of love in the family and the firstborn (Cain) took a murderous swipe at his brother (Abel), for no offence whatsoever (Genesis 4:1-16). Any love (even in the family) not based on the love of God cannot stand.

Man rejected the security of the love of God and lost the peace of paradise. He did not know that to lose God is to lose everything that matters; consequently his living experience was downgraded. Man fell from a height of glory, all because Eve got a twisted view of the love of God.

Change comes to us when we embrace the love of God as offered to us in Jesus (John 3:16, John 1:10-13). When we receive that love, we come under the influence of the power of God, confident in the joy of his presence.

From the focus verse, God’s love and kindness combined, according to the English translation of the Hebrew word, is his loving-kindness. Love describes his nature while kindness describes his action, and his action cannot be removed from his nature.


Until we can see his love in his actions then we would come to a wrong conclusion about them. Because it was when the devil was able to convince Adam and Eve that God does not really love them, does not really have their best interest at heart, he could cause them to misjudge His actions.

God said they should not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for their own good, they were convinced otherwise that God gave that rule because he did not want competition, because he was not secure. They doubted the love of God and they lost out in relationship with him. To come back into relationship with God in Jesus Christ is based on the realising that God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Even in judgment there is element of God’s love at play. His wrath even when it is poured out is poured out in love. It is poured out after his longsuffering has been shown, giving you time to repent. In the time of Noah, the bible says that the longsuffering of God waited while the ark was being prepared for 120years, giving the people time to turn from the evil of their ways. From that story, Peter concluded that at this time also, before the wrath of God is poured out on the earth, after the church age is over, God is exercising patience (1Peter 3:18-20, 2Peter 3).

This time we have is an expression of the love of God giving humans the opportunity to get it right.  The fact that his judgement is delayed is a sign of his love. When it is finally poured out it is in love as the judged will no longer have the opportunity to influence the others in sinful ways.


There is no kindness expect it is shown in action. Love can be a motivation principle, but kindness practical working based on love, in one form or the other. Because God’s kindness is pure then, and he gives us everything freely to enjoy, we can understanding it when the bible says that the gifts and calling of God is without reversal.

When God looks at you, he feels only love for you, and he is setting you up to enjoy more and more of his kindness. Whatever level of the kindness of God you have enjoyed, there is more in the future. There is more kindness of God for you to experience. God’s kindness is his greatness stirred to our advantage, while God’s wrath is his greatness stirred to our disadvantage.

When we recognise the kindness in God (extended to us in Christ Jesus, otherwise his wrath is without apology our portion), we would realise that there is nothing to be afraid of about him. He is all-together lovely. We can be open to him, he would not harm you. He is all about helping us; he gave us His Spirit to help out infirmity (Romans 8:26-27). We don’t know how to pray as we ought but the Spirit helps us as an expression of his kindness.



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