The Spirit of might

Judges 14:6: And the Spirit of Jehovah came mightily on him. And he tore it as the cleaving of a kid. And there was nothing in his hand; and he did not tell his father and his mother what he had done.

golden-rider-426544_640Samson was a special breed. He was a man endowed with special physical power.  He could not be overcomed by any physical means.

At that time Israel did not have a king, and there was a need for a deliverer. God, without consulting anyone and going against his normal way of routing the enemy (which was to raise up a leader to rally the people) equipped one man with the strength of a thousand men, figuratively speaking. With Samson, it was a one-man show. He did not go with an army or any group. He was not your conventional leader.

He displayed strength commensurate to the demand of the occasion. Anything that was demanded of Samson, whatever the opposition, he had the capacity to overcome. That is the Spirit of might.

One of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus was also as the spirit of might. In a list of the seven spirits of God in the book of Isaiah (Isaiah 11:1-2), which was prophesied to manifest in Jesus, we have the Spirit of might.

The expression of might in the life of Jesus was with regards to casting out of devils and healing the sick (Acts 10:38). It was an expression of power to cause reversals. He breaks whatever chains that was holding people down as the harbinger of freedom.

He declared war on anything that holds us down, saying: the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the gospel to the poor, recovery of sight to the blind, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to captives, and complete freedom to the bound ones (Luke 4:17-19).

His was a liberation mission. Whatever limits is what Jesus uses his might against. He is the mighty one.

In the book of psalms we read: The Mighty One is God the LORD (Psalm 50:1-2), and out of Zion (the church) God shines forth. The mighty one has decided to be domiciled in Zion, in the church (Hebrews 12:22-24). It makes all the sense since we are the body of Christ (Ephesians 5:30). We have been elevated to the heavenly places with Jesus Christ, the Mighty One (Ephesians 2:6).

The bible says that through the church will be the display of the manifold wisdom of God to principalities and powers (Ephesians 3:10).

When ordinary men, in the far reaches of the earth, places where the devil thought were firmly under his control, wield the name of Jesus in their mouth and manifest power, the same way Jesus did while on earth, that definitely is the manifold wisdom being displayed to principalities and power.

When the Holy Spirit comes into you, we are enabled to do mighty things.

You bear the name of Jesus, which the bible says is above every other name and at his name every knee bow, and confess that Jesus is Lord (Philippians 2:5-11).

Know that you are not alone, you have angels with you, who also harken to the word of God in your mouth (Psalm 103:20). They are expressions of the presence of God with you.

It was the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the life of Samson, which enabled him to unhinge the gate of a city, kill 1000 men with the jaw bone of an ass, catch 300 foxes, tie their tails together and set them on fire (Judges 13-16). He tore off the jaw of a lion as if it was nothing. Whatever was opposition was nothing more than a piece of bread for him. All because of the Spirit of might.

The Spirit of might is expressed in various ways. It serves as a way to suspend any weakness. Paul wrote that the Holy Spirit helps our infirmities, and he went on to specifically mention prayer as one of the areas that he helps us (Romans 8).

That means he helps us to be mighty in prayer, just as Samson was mighty in strength. And prayer is an expression of spiritual strength. That he helps us means he releases in us supernatural ability, he gets us going when others have given up. He suppresses our physical senses to heighten our spiritual ones, causing us to go on just as others are falling by the wayside.

There is also mental might. That is what was manifested in Solomon. God had told him: ask me anything. He asked for wisdom, and God gave him so much mental capacity that his wisdom was sought out by many kings and nobles around the world (1Kings 3:3-9).

He gave many proverbs, he spoke about animals and plants (1Kings 4:29-34). His knowledge was expansive. He seems to know things just by willing to know them, and/or he seems to have wisdom and knowledge “coming to him” without seeking for them. He was changed forever. He was not normal, he was above normal. That is what the spirit of might makes possible.

The Holy Spirit was responsible for all the supernatural acts that were recorded in the life of Jesus. Before the coming of the Holy Spirit upon him, he was just like any ordinary man. He was an ordinary carpenter from an ordinary town. He came from a town so ordinary that Nathanael, before meeting him said: “can anything good come out of Nazareth?” when Philip said that he should come and meet the Messiah, Jesus (John 1:44-51). He had an ordinary upbringing.

But by the hand of God upon him, by the spirit of might, everywhere Jesus went he deployed his supernatural ability to help the people. He once met a widow who have just lost her only son and was going to bury him. He was being carried along in a coffin, in a funeral procession to be buried (Luke 7:11-17). When Jesus was through, he had turned her mourning into dancing (Psalm 30:11).

It was the same thing he did standing before the tomb of Lazarus. He had been buried for four days. But Jesus had told Martha, his sister, if you will believe, you will see the glory of God (John 11).

He said: “Lazarus come forth,” after the stone which was covering the place where he was buried had been rolled away, and the dead man came out walking. The level of amazement of the people at what happened was off the charts, and many people believed in Jesus, all because of the display of spiritual might. Spiritual might causes you to do what was not normally possible.

That display of spiritual might had not been seen before, that a man dead for four days came out of the grave and started talking, walking and living among the people.

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