9: Walk of faith (3)

2Corinthians 5:7  for we walk by faith, not by sight.

part two here

Everyone that God has called into a walk of faith (and that is every believer, since the just shall live by faith) get the opportunity to make eternal impact.

But you need courage. God called Paul to walk by faith and he needed courage.

To take the Promised Land, you needed to confront the gaints (in different forms and presentations), but God has promised to give the land to you and your business is to believe and act on it.

It is time to take on the mantle that has fallen from heaven, it is time to take the leadership mantle and strike the Jordan, cause things to be shifted in the natural by the authority we wield in the spirit.

Jesus has ascended to heaven and his mantle of the Holy Spirit has fallen down on us.

The similarity between what happened with Jesus and the disciples (the church) and what happened with Elijah and Elisha is uncanny.

Jesus in his resurrected body went to heaven in the sight of the disciples on the Mount of Olives, just as Elijah went up without seeing death in the sight of Elisha.

Just as a mantle fell from heaven from Elijah, Jesus released the Holy Spirit from heaven. And just as the sons of the prophets said that the Spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha after Elisha went up, the Pharisees noticed that the Apostles had been with Jesus.

And just as Elisha called on the God of Elijah, our only action in dominion is in the name of Jesus, not our own name. Our reference is to Jesus, not ourselves. It is his dominion, his mandate, his calling, that we express, it is his identity we express as members of the body of Christ. As I am writing this, I am expressing Jesus as writer by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Elisha asked for the double portion of the anointing on the Holy Spirit in Elijah, and Jesus said that we will greater works than he did because he goes to the father.

Elisha asked for the double portion of the anointing of Elijah, not for it to hang on his lintel but to be an effective servant of God, to express God on the earth in a bigger measure.

We need to also ask for the Holy Spirit as Jesus said and we will be given for the double expression of Christ (the anointed one) on the earth.

By the force of desire, Elisha walked with Elijah until he was lifted up by the chariots of fire and horses of fire.

We need a similar desire to move from where we are to where God wants us to be, to go on a mission for God, on an assignment.

After we are saved, which stands for Elijah going to pick Elisha in the midst of his normal occupation, we need to press on in the walk of faith which is about carrying out the assignment upon Jesus, just as Elisha was to carry out the assignment upon Elijah.

Elijah dropped the mantle on Elisha and that stands for the initial experience of the Holy Spirit when we believe and we are born of the Spirit, having the spirit being that mark that we are one of his.


But it is another experience (of the same Holy Spirit, but in a different dimension), to receive the Holy Spirit in his baptism, similar to the mantle falling down from heaven on Elijah, the same mantle. The first is the calling mantle, the second is a commissioning mantle for greater works.

Remember that when Elijah was saying that it is better that God kills him, but God restored him, he asked him to anoint some people. He did not fulfill that but Elisha did.

In the same vein, we carry out the assignment on Jesus, after he has gone. And that demands a walk of faith, looking unto Jesus, just as Elisha had to follow Elijah to the end to pick up the mantle and he got the double portion when he saw  Elisha taken up.

We also need to set our eyes on the ascended Jesus for the walk of faith. We set out eyes on things above where Christ who is our life is.

After Elisha was picked by grace (God mentioned him to Elijah), we are also saved by grace. But for him to do the greater works, he needed a walk of faith.

Our walk of faith is powered by our love of God (faith works through love), our earnest desire for him and his glory, which others cannot understand.

It was a walk of faith because it was not something Elisha determined. You also did not determine how God will use you, but you must want to be used.

Elisha’s desire to be used was shown in his break from his past, cutting up and sharing the meat of the bulls he used in his farming business to others.

You have to with your own mouth say like Isaiah did: here am I, send me. There is no fence sitting here.

It is in the arena of the walk of faith that Jesus said: many are called but few are chosen.

Not all is called. But the many that are called are those who have already received salvation in Jesus Christ, but to be chosen is another ball-game entirely.

To pick those who will represent the nation in a relay race, many are called, but few are chosen. The few are not chosen based on sentiment, based on looks, who they know, but how they can deliver on the mandate as determined by the coach.

Elijah said, say I am going there, and later he will say I am going in another direction and later in still another direction. And Elisha had to follow.

Similarly, the walk of faith is walk in the Spirit. Jesus said that the wind blows where it wills, but you feel the effect, but you don’t know where it is going or where it is coming from. Therefore, with a pre-set agenda, you cannot embark on the walk.

It was a walk of faith because Elisha was even told he did not have to do it. But he pressed on by the force of desire.

To be continued tomorrow


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