Day 17: 21 days to better relationships 

Topic: Relationship  finesse 
Text: A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. (Proverbs 15:13, KJV) 

The countenance,  the mannerism, the tone of voice the observance of the etiquette of the society, the way you should greet, the respect, giving honour to whom honour is due and custom to whom custom is due (Romans 13:7), all these add to your friendliness factor. These are subtle niceties that should be observed.

The Bible says we should submit to one another. Don’t carry on with the egoistic tendency that you are always right, that. Respect their physical space and do not be busy bodies in other people’s matter, the scriptures say. 

Don’t force yourself on others. They reserve the right to want to relate with you and to what extent and you not overreact to that decision and you have your own right too. That is the dynamics of relationships.

Someone told Jesus, I want to follow you, he discouraged him. He showed interest in another and said he should follow him, but that person said he has other plans (Luke 9:57-60).

So don’t take rejection too seriously and you to reserve the right to choose your friends also. Friendship is not by force. And can two go walk together except they are agreeable (Amos 3:3).

Do not submit your independence in the name of friendship and don’t demand that others do likewise also. 

Being conversational is also an added advantage in enhancing relationship. You may think you don’t like to talk until you meet someone who shares your interest. 

Move from being an isolationist to engaging with others. And know that you won’t flow with everyone except those you share similar soul frequency and it does not have to be based in race or gender but shared interest and motivation. 

You are not awkward, you are unique and there are myriads that will embrace that in you. So do not follow the path of compromise. 

Action: Get to know someone who is different from you today. 

Declaration: I move from being isolated to being engaging

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