Free book: The church and the money for blessings heretics 

Within a few days starting from maybe Tuesday, the book will be available, FREE FREE FREE. I love that word-  free. 

 Check out to access the book on these online channels 


Google books (not available in Nigeria)

Barnes and nobles



Let me share with you the content of the about the book segment. 

About the book:

It’s about time for the church to be reoriented when it comes to giving. 

It’s about time the money for blessings and seed-faith heretics be silenced. 

It’s about time those who make merchandise of the people of God, in the name of God and in the name of telling them to “sow” for earthly gain now are stopped. 

It’s about time those who stir up the greed in the people of God close their shop. 

It’s about time we put the fear of God in those who motivate the people to give based on fear. 

It’s about time those who steal from the church in the name of increase be shut down. 

It’s about time the grip of the thieves on the pulpit, the spiritual robbers, the liars, the deceived deceivers be loosed from the church. 

This book spanning two parts, titled the Heretics and the Heresies, five chapters each is to remove the carpet from under the money for blessings heretics who had hitherto been having a field’s day. 

It’s about time.

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