Of junk and fake grace (16)

Grace has no limits. There is nothing it cannot touch. Once it is an expression of the inadequacy of humanity, grace is programmed to meet it. Your finances, health, relationship, job, family, service, travelling, name it.

Don’t play strong head, open up for the grace of God. Grace should be known, we should know the grace of God in truth as Paul said. Any area that you still think you need to act for you to do something to receive grace means you are disconnected from grace. Grace is freely given to us by God, released in Jesus.

For example we have access to full health and full supply in Jesus. By his stripes we were healed and for our sake he became poor so that we might become rich. Therefore fear nothing. His grace is sufficient for you, except he did not say it is finished on the cross.

When Jesus said that “with it is impossible but not with God, for with God nothing shall be impossible,” he was talking about the grace of God. The question was: who then can be saved?

If Man is inadequate, God’s adequacy springs into action, so that at the end no one will boast in his presence and all the glory belongs to God. God can do what “can’t” be done

Of junk and fake grace (13)

Grace brings you all the time to the foot of the cross. There is sufficiency in grace. Jesus called it his grace, adding in his conversation with Paul that “My grace is sufficient for you.” His grace is enough. He also told Paul, my strength is made perfect in weaknesses. His grace is His strength, not your joke.

You don’t need to add anything to what is sufficient, not you misunderstanding, not legalism, not your reductionist view of it. It’s enough. And what freedom that brings, what hope, what life. Christ emptied himself to fill us, not with an idea but with the substance of his grace.

Of junk and fake grace (10)

Where you find it easy is the place where you have contacted the grace of God and the opposite is also true. The grace of God is not an idea an event it is an endowment. An endowment makes the difference between crawling and flying, the difference between the beggar and the rich.

These flock of people running after prophets to tell them the will of God are clueless grace-wise. The grace of God is in our relationship with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of grace, it is the demonstration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The grace of God is seen in the life of those who are Christians who are comfortably rich, the happily married, the stressless birth, holy living in the midst of a perverse generation. Connect with the grace of God.

Don’t be scared of the grace of God whether through your over concentration on dos and don’t from your religious background or the grace abusers touting a fake grace. Know the grace of God in truth. It will make all the difference. It an heavenly endowment.

Of junk and fake grace (8)

Grace is the divine factor that makes God able to touch man, and with which he touches man. God is so holy that because of sin he CANNOT have anything to do with man. But grace from God through Jesus created another platform for God to relate with man where sin is a non-issue. The law came through Moses, but the law was not enough, Grace and truth came through Jesus who on the cross said it is finished. Grace is defeated if it is reduced to what you can get away with, it is actually about what God can make sinful man become.

We are trophies of God’s grace. That is why the church becomes a display of the manifold wisdom of God to principalities and powers.

It is God saying: see what my grace has turned these people into, I now have many Jesus. And not “see what a joke these people have become, becoming more corrupt than the world, their latter part worse than the former because they bought into junk and fake grace. But they have themselves to blame because they have itchy ears and have heaped for themselves teachers who minister to their lust.”

When grace touches you, when you receive grace, there is an end in view.

Grace incubates your destiny so that it becomes hatched into glory. But the fake and junk grace won’t do that.

Of junk and fake grace (7)

Some people confuse grace with love. God’s love is his predisposition to act for our best interest as demonstrated on the cross. It is permanent, consistent, unchanging because God is love. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. But do you think he died so that we remain sinners?

The love of God does not care whether you are a sinner or not, but grace is different. We read that sin shall not have dominion over us because we are under grace. Grace is, therefore, a divine quality while love is divine disposition. God is love.

Grace is a spiritual quality that when added to you makes you different, makes you begin to act like God.

Grace is not love. Love is unchanging, grace you can grow in, grace does not work until you receive it. You are however benefiting from the love of God whether you are evil or good. E.g. the rain. And it is because of the love of God that God extends his grace to us through Jesus. It rained but you have to bring out your bowl to take and drink.

The gospel is called the gospel (good news) of the grace of God. It is not news if it is not new. It is not always available and will not always be available that is why we are in a grace dispensation.but God has always been love and will always be love. Maybe what these junk grace preachers should focus on is God’s love, but warn them, let them not confuse it again with grace otherwise, I will come after them. Lol.

And they should please back their assertion with a least two scriptures each. Otherwise, they should get out of our face. No lol.

Paul committed some people to the grace of God which is to build them up, and give them an inheritance. Grace does not leave you where you are, it is not about making you feel good, but making you do good. Grace makes. But we won’t even have the grace apart from the love. But we should not confuse the two and we should not confuse them also to justification, which is the divine declaration that we are righteous without having done anything to merit it, except faith. Shalom.

Of Junk and fake grace (5)

The true grace is more unbelievable than junk grace. We are yet to see the fullness of it in this generation. But it’s coming. In the midst of the darkness of fake grace, true grace will shine forth.

Get ready. Grace that fills you with so much God, the foundations of the earth will quake. It’s coming. The vision is for an appointed time. It will surely come.

They called it great grace. Ask your fake grace exponent, does he know what that means?

Of junk and fake grace (2)

Do you know you are not saved by faith but by grace through faith? Grace is a change agent that gets applied to you inwardly when to become a believer.

I know you are justified by faith, which goes from you to God, but you are saved by grace which comes from God to you.

Both happens at the same time. But if you mistakenly think you are saved by faith you are in error.

It means you don’t have to produce the fruit of a changed life since just believing in Jesus, which is a one-time event, is the only factor involved in your salvation.

If the grace comes, Jesus comes into your heart, the Spirit of Christ comes, life, light comes. Justification is only one side of the coin. It makes you right with God, grace is the other making you live like Christ. Grace does not make you right with God, it makes God right in you.

It is not called the grace of our Lord Jesus for fun. Note that it is not grace FROM our Lord Jesus (as if it is a one-time event), but grace OF. That grace carries his essence. It is not just a statement. People confuse justification with grace. It needs to stop. It presents grace as a past tense, but grace is present continuous.

Let this confusion stop, please.