Of junk and fake grace (16)

Grace has no limits. There is nothing it cannot touch. Once it is an expression of the inadequacy of humanity, grace is programmed to meet it. Your finances, health, relationship, job, family, service, travelling, name it.

Don’t play strong head, open up for the grace of God. Grace should be known, we should know the grace of God in truth as Paul said. Any area that you still think you need to act for you to do something to receive grace means you are disconnected from grace. Grace is freely given to us by God, released in Jesus.

For example we have access to full health and full supply in Jesus. By his stripes we were healed and for our sake he became poor so that we might become rich. Therefore fear nothing. His grace is sufficient for you, except he did not say it is finished on the cross.

When Jesus said that “with it is impossible but not with God, for with God nothing shall be impossible,” he was talking about the grace of God. The question was: who then can be saved?

If Man is inadequate, God’s adequacy springs into action, so that at the end no one will boast in his presence and all the glory belongs to God. God can do what “can’t” be done

Of junk and fake grace (15)

Do those who believe in the grace of God fast, go without food for a religious reason? Yes, and the reason is also to contact grace. When we fast we identify with the depreciation (death) of Jesus and therefore have power released because by the same token we identify with his resurrection. He said that his disciples will fast when he is taken away from them, they fast to be in the resurrected realm of Jesus. With fasting, grace gets converted to power.

Nevertheless, we don’t worship fasting, as if in and of itself it does something. We take it as another conduit of grace.

In the sermon on the mount, there are three things Jesus said God rewards: fasting, giving, prayer.

So if someone asks, do those who believe in grace give? Yes, we understand it as a channel to connect with grace, but we don’t make giving God, we realise that grace is a person we should relate with.

God rewards giving, fasting, prayer with the release of his grace to those do them right. So I can spend hours in prayer because I cannot get enough of the grace from his presence because I want the open reward which is a manifestation of grace in my life. I fast weekly not to prove a point to God (like one Pharisee in a story of Jesus) but to express my need for him, to exchange my natural life for his resurrected life with the level of grace that comes with it.

Did you not read what Paul wrote about himself: that I may know him and the power of his resurrection. An aspect of his grace is the power of his resurrection. He did not regard that as something in the bag, but a possibility. Fasting facilitates that. Remember I said fasting converts grace to power? Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit after he fasted. You already have the grace now convert it to power. Of course, do it with sense; you can’t become Jesus in one day.

We don’t see giving, praying, fasting as stress, as a chore, when we looking at them from the eyes of grace. It is by grace that we do them (God working in us both to will and do of his good pleasure) and we also do them aware of their grace value. Paul said there is a particular grace work that needs to be done in the Corinthian church, so that they will be better givers, and after they have given as an expression of that grace, they will reap more, being another expression of God’s grace. Their reaping after sowing is a manifestation of God’s grace and not an achievement because anybody can sow, it is God who brings the increase. So give but don’t look at your giving as the source of increase, look at God who will lavish you with grace for receiving as he has lavished you with the grace for giving.

Fasting connects with resurrection power
Giving (in all the sense of the word) connects with increase
Prayer connects with the throne of grace for primary grace supply

It is grace, grace all the way

Of junk and fake grace (12)

The grace of God has a two-point agenda over your life- to keep you and give you an inheritance. To keep is present continuous.” To give ” is in the future. Paul said: I commit you to the word of God’s grace which is able to keep you and give you an inheritance. Go ask the jokers, the fake grace comedians where they got their twisted version from. Grace is not just in the past when you answered an altar call, it keeps you. If you don’t need to be kept then Paul must be a joker for saying the grace will keep us. But we know who the joker is- the fake grace advocates, junk grace pushers.

The grace is in your future and takes you to the future to give you an inheritance. That is the reward in heaven. When the servant multiplied the money given to them by the master, they got to rule over many cities. If in this world only we have hope, we are of all men most miserable. Therefore, grace must deliver us an inheritance to complete its job in our lives.

Paul said: I commit you to God and to the word of his grace. The Greek for word can mean concept. The right concept of grace is important for us to be kept and for our inheritance to be delivered to us. Hence the devil is trying to pollute the water of grace. But he is a joker.

Of junk and fake grace (8)

Grace is the divine factor that makes God able to touch man, and with which he touches man. God is so holy that because of sin he CANNOT have anything to do with man. But grace from God through Jesus created another platform for God to relate with man where sin is a non-issue. The law came through Moses, but the law was not enough, Grace and truth came through Jesus who on the cross said it is finished. Grace is defeated if it is reduced to what you can get away with, it is actually about what God can make sinful man become.

We are trophies of God’s grace. That is why the church becomes a display of the manifold wisdom of God to principalities and powers.

It is God saying: see what my grace has turned these people into, I now have many Jesus. And not “see what a joke these people have become, becoming more corrupt than the world, their latter part worse than the former because they bought into junk and fake grace. But they have themselves to blame because they have itchy ears and have heaped for themselves teachers who minister to their lust.”

When grace touches you, when you receive grace, there is an end in view.

Grace incubates your destiny so that it becomes hatched into glory. But the fake and junk grace won’t do that.

Of junk and fake grace (6)

It should not be : I have grace so I do anything I want.

Rather: I have grace so I do everything God wants.

You know the grace of God ensures that what you want is what He wants?

This extends to service. Peter said that we should be stewards/ channels of the manifold grace of God in our service. I bet your grace confusionist did not link grace to service, just to rubbish.

Did he tell you manifold means many-sided and that the grace of God is many sided? So how has he been able to get away with preaching only one side? That smells like deception.

The many sides are not determined by the imagination of the speaker, but what the Scriptures say. Or is it not the same Bible with the 66 books we are talking about?

Of junk and fake grace (4)

Grace starts the job and ends it. Paul said that I am what I am by the grace of God. Not I was what I am. He acknowledged grace as ubiquitous, pervasive, present and continuous.

He said the grace he received was not in vain, but he laboured more than the other apostles, but he quickly added, but not me, but the grace. That means he put the grace to work, and that work has yielded you, a fake grace exponent. Do you know that his being able to put the grace to work was still grace? Grace is all encompassing, I tell you. But not junk grace.

Can you see how the grace of God starts it and ends it? But the junk grace exponent focus on how grace starts things, encouraging us to leave grace behind us as if it is an accomplishment. No, it is an accompaniment.

David and Goliath

1Samuel 17:49: And David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone and slung it and struck the Philistine on his forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the ground. (ESV)

lion-218919_640This is a famous story in the bible. David defeated Goliath in an unbelievable tale of weakness winning over strength (1Samuel 17).

It was a one on one that could be described as a mismatch by an onlooker. But when none of the soldiers of Israel was willing to take on the giant, not even king Saul, the burden of facing Goliath fell on the shoulder of young David.

With practically no war training or experience, you can say he was way in over his head. But when he moved towards Goliath he was fearless, he was consumed with the passion for God. Zeal for God made him fearless. His emotions were spent loving God with nothing left to be occupied by fear.

He was zealous for God and his name which the heathen Goliath had disrespected, because he defied the army of Israel and by extension God. And he was not going to keep still.

We saw the same zeal in Jesus, the way he took on the buyers and sellers in the temple.  He said to them: you have made my father’s house a den of thieves (Matthew 21:12-13).

David took personal interest in the things of God. And he was truly described as a man after God’s heart (1Samuel 13:14). He was so one with God that he reflected His emotion not just His words.

Any priest can repeat the words of the law but it takes one with passion for God to execute his counsel, reflecting his heart.

Jehu was a man like that. He once said: come I will show you my zeal for God (2Kings 10:16). Does your life show zeal for God? Any whatsoever?

David exhibited zeal for God when he faced Goliath. It wasn’t his battle to fight, he was not even meant to be on the battle field except the fact that he was sent there by his father. But he assumed the responsibility for protecting the nation of Israel.

He was definitely stirred by the Holy Spirit, who came upon him when he was anointed by Samuel in the privacy of his father’s house (1Samuel 16:1-13). Similarly, the Holy Spirit comes upon you in the privacy of prayer and you get to take down Goliath in the public. And the Holy Spirit does not only come with the power of God but also the emotion of God.

Elijah expressed zeal for God. As a one man army he stood against the hordes of Baal prophets and worshippers, led by Jezebel who held the nation by the jugular, stifling any recognition of the truth of God (1Kings 17-18). They had their elaborate system of worship, called by Paul, fellowship with demons (2Corinthians 6:14-16, 1Corinthians 10:19-22), expressions of darkness. Elijah stood as an emissary of light, saying to all Israel, if the Lord is God worship him and if Baal then worship him, as he called a nation back to God.

His expressed his zeal for God in the place of prayer. The bible says that Elijah prayed earnestly that it will not rain in Israel and it did not rain for the space of three and half years (James 5:17-18). He feared God and was zealous for others to manifest the same. He went all out in the place of prayer to cause the rain to stop in order to catch the attention of the people and bring them back to God.

The bible says Elijah is of a similar nature like all of us. He was a man but he did extraordinary things because he prayed. The situation in Israel in his time was like Goliath, but with the stone of prayer he brought the children of Israel to their knees saying “the Lord is God.”

While looking at David and Goliath, you might say that David was outmatched. But while Goliath needed to get close to David to be able to harm him with his spear, David had a stone, and something to catapult it with, to hit the forehead of Goliath and bring him to his death without coming physically close. So the contest was won without any physical contact (or with minimal contact).

The stone in the hand of David could move faster than he could, when thrown with a sling. So also is prayer. It can move further than we can move. It can work deeper, and greater and better than we can on our own.

The weapon of prayer in our hands looks like something insignificant as the stone in the hand of David. But thrown in the name of Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit, it brings down the Goliaths of our lives, their oppression, dominion brought to a crushing end.

The situation may seem big but prayer will bring it down. The barrenness of Hannah seemed like a bog situation but the stone of prayer brought it down (1Samuel 1).

After Paul finished listing the armour of God, he said we should put all of them together, praying all manner of prayers in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:10-18). That is the prayer armour, which works with all other piece.

Jesus said: men ought to pray and not to faint and gave the story of a widow who needed justice against her adversary (Luke 18:1-8). To get her right, and went to a judge. She would have continued in his oppression, if she did not have somebody with an authority to rescue her. She refused to live with the situation and suffer in silence, she asked for help in the right place.

To complain is different from praying. You can complain to your peers, but you pray to the one who can really help, God.

Goliath was a long-standing problem for the army of Israel. He came before them for forty days.  There was no solution to the problem in the natural. But a man with God- David, stepped into the situation and everything changed.

That brings to us the importance of faith. With faith in God we do great things. We are enabled to go beyond the natural realm to penetrate the supernatural. We have the ability to touch heaven with the hand of faith and release the power of God. Jesus asked, while teaching on prayer that when he comes would he find faith on the earth?

Also, the power of God is in us, and when it is stirred up in the place of prayer like Elijah did, we get to move heaven. Jesus said that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven (Matthew 18:18).

We get to use spiritual power (symbolised by David’s stone moving in the air) to cut down the enemy.